Sunday, January 29, 2012

100th day of school

 We read lots of books about 100 days of school and how to count to 100.
 We created these caterpillars by cutting out the circles and gluing them in the correct order (mostly!)
 This is a cute book about how no one would help the little red hen but she shared her pizza anyway.
 We made a pizza and every child added 5 pieces so our pizza would have 100 items on it.  We counted each child by 5's to show how to get to 100.  If one child didn't do his or her job, our pizza would not be complete!
 This is the start of creating a 100 inch snake.  Each table got to design a piece of paper and then while they were at specials, I taped it all together and cut out one very fat snake!!

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  1. Do you have the template for the caterpillar that you could share?