Sunday, January 29, 2012

Octopus and literacy tubs

This is a really cute octopus.  The kids cut out two identical faces and I stapled them together.  I showed them how to curl the legs and they loved that the little guys would stand up!
 This literacy tub holds cards and a sight word game.  The children have to complete the pictures and match the sight words.  It is really just practice for them to use those fingers and make the pincher grasp stronger!
 The kids rolled a nine-sided dice in this tub and colored the space over that number.  It was a race to see which number would get to the top.  This is practice in grasp, self-control in coloring, reading the numbers and taking turns.
 This was a sight word game.  The kids took turns pulling a card out of a bag.  If they could read the word, they got to keep the card.  If someone pulled out a splash card, all the cards went back in the bag.
This last tub was a bingo game.  The kids had to take turns pulling a card and then everyone placing a block on his or her card.

LOOOOK!  They are doing a great job of buddy reading in their 100 day of school shirt!  I love it!!

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