Friday, January 20, 2012

Snowmen in Winter

Mrs. Voss' class made ripping rainbows and then hung them in an arc on the lockers.  The kids really did a great job with this and it worked those little finger muscles to help the fine motor skills.
We talked alot about snowmen and winter weather these past two weeks while it was 80 degrees outside!  We made a snowman using donuts, chocolate chips, and candy corn.  Each child made two.

 We read the book, Snow Globe Family and then created a snow globe of what it would look like if we lived in a snow globe.
This is what a snowman looks like after the sun comes out.  These were fun to make.

We watched Brain Pop, Jr. and learned about Dr. King.  We talked about things we wished would happen.  Then we recreated a protrait of Dr. King.  I love these!!

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