Thursday, January 12, 2012


What is winter?  In West Texas, we often have great weather year round so it is not always so easy to tell when the seasons change.  We did try to record our schema (what we think we know) and this is what we came up with.
We read a few winter books and discussed what the illustrator showed outside the window.  We created a snow scene using white chalk (which they loved!) and then glued the blue paper onto black paper and added the "window bars"!

We read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats and recreated a scene from the end of that book.  We also talked about what Peter felt, heard and saw as a review of the 5 senses!

We have read lots of snowmen books because it can be more than a year for our littles kinders to see snow sometimes!  We want them to know what a snowman is.
 They recorded the information to their own tree maps.  These great ideas came from Kim Adsit and Deanna Jump and their great units on Teacherspayteachers!
 Mrs. Voss found this on Pinterest and she created this with her class.  I love it!
We read There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow and we listed what she swallowed to create the snowman.  We made a snowman salad with the whole class choosing which part to make.  Some of the fast finishers tore the salad paper and wrote the list of ingredients.

We measured ourselves against a snowman to determine if we were taller than, shorter than or the same as he was.  Then we recorded the information and created a graph.  Most of the kids were taller.  I should have added some legs to my snowman!

Mrs. Voss and the other teachers on our team also made a snowman using the letters in each child's name to build a snowman.  If your name was long, your snowman was tall.  If your name was short, your snowman was short.

These are our literacy tubs for the week.  They are going to begin to include sight words and blending sounds for those kiddos that are ready.  The first one just matches upper case and lower case letters.
 This is one where they laid out the pictures and then tried to find the words that matched.  It was a little hard for them and I helped when needed to prevent any meltdowns!
 This tub had 2 different concentration games and a book about snowflakes.
This was the favorite!  They had to use their pincher fingers to pick up the pompoms with tweezers and put them in the suction cups.  The little ducks were bathtub stickies that we turned face down so we could use the sticky cups!

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