Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letter R

We are studying the letter R this week and I want to show you some of the activities we are doing.  This is our dictionary page.  The kids find the page and color the pictures.  They can refer to this dictionary when they want to know how to spell a word.
 This is Rowdy the Rodeo Rat.  We use the Frog Street Press characters for our letter of the week.  The kids love them and so do we.  This is drawn using verbal directions.  They listen, they see what I draw and they copy.  Sometimes what they draw is much better than mine!

 This was  book they cut and colored.  It has words that begin with R.
 This is a syllable sorting activity.  The pictures are not wonderful because I was learning to use the color copier last year when I printed these.  They clap the name of the picture and determine how many syllables it has.  They put the card in the correct number row.  The kinders have gotten very good at this!
We are working on teen numbers.  It is such a hard concept for our kinders to grasp!  We are rainbow writing and then on the back they color the correct number of ten frames.
 This is the vocabulary word.  I used Kim Adsit's vocabulary unit and it is amazing.  I made the poster using her unit and the kids have their own journal they copy the word to.

This is our 5th grade reading buddy!  She did a great job of reading to us.  She was in my Kinder class six years ago.

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