Friday, January 20, 2012

Letter D and literacy tubs for 4th six weeks

 Once a week we become word detectives and we quietly gather words and write them in our handy dandy notebook.  Thanks Kim Adsit for this great idea!
 These are sentences that we cut apart and put back together.  We had to make sure the capital letter was first and the punctuation was at the end.  These are our sight words so the kids really enjoyed being able to be successful at this.

Our new vocabulary word was illustrator and I have enjoyed hearing the kids use the word this week when we "illustrated" all our snow stories!

 We read about animals and how they survive in the winter weather.  Then we sorted our animals into groups using a tree map. 
We read the mitten and then we acted out the story.  The children got under the sheet as we retold the story because it was our pretend mitten!  There was a lot of giggling going on under the sheet and on the rug!

 This tub has 3 sets of numbers.  The kids first sort the sets by colors.  This is good exercise for the fine motor skills.  Then they laid the numbers out in order from 1-24 with partners.  If we were not through, they exchanged colors and did it again.

 This was a little hard and I sat at this table every day.  I would have to tell most of the kids which letter was first and then some of the kids could figure out the word.  Finally, I highlighted the first letter so they would know which one to write first.  My higher kids did awesome and it was fun.  They willl get better if we continue to do this!
 This tub was the book related things and we are using snowman activities.  This table was supposed to make a tower of blocks by reading the number on the snowman and counting that many blocks.  Lots of finger exercise in this one too.
This was matching beginning sounds.  It was self checking but some kids check themselves before putting the clip on!!

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