Sunday, January 29, 2012

Space, the final frontier!

We read this book and it had lots of good information about space in it.  We also read Me and My Place in Space and it had some great ideas for letting the kids draw about the planets. It is written by Joan Sweeney.
This is the earth.  It is made for torn blue and green construction paper.  We brainstormed facts and the kids got to choose which two they wanted to copy.
This page shows the phases of the moon.  I gave them 2 circles and we cut one of them and created this page together.  The facts recorded are the names of the phases.
This page is about the sun.  I let the kids finger paint with yellow tempra and then we added some orange to really show how hot the sun appears.  We made a star constellation also but I didn't get a picture.  The kids chose a stencil and traced around it.  Then they drew over the tracing with dark black lines.  I gave them 5 stars that they added anywhere on the lines and finally they colored the whole page black.
We put all the pages together with a cover and a table of contents.  We added ourselves as an astronaut so we could be the main character in the non-fiction book we had created!
This is the schema chart where we recorded what we already knew and then added new facts.  I guess after UFO's were spotted in Abilene Friday night I might have to change the misconception and put aliens back in the facts!!!!

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