Thursday, January 12, 2012

Math Stations BUILD

B-Books about Math.  They are reading in one group and the second group is sorting weather words and coping facts.

U-Using Manipulatives.  The first group is measuring with snowman cards!  Hilarious!  The second group is rolling a die, counting that many "raindrops" and placing them on the umbrella.  The first one to get all the umbrellas full is the winner.
I-Independent Work.  The kids were supposed to roll a die and count out that many snowballs.  They had to share them with the four snowmen and record how many each snowman got.  For example, if they rolled a 16 and shared them, each snowman would get 4 snowballs.  I guess I forgot to take a picture of the puzzles so I will add that next time.

L-Learning and using numbers.  Both of these games include a die.  They have to roll and move that many spaces.

D-Doing Math.  The kids were supposed to put counters on the strips of numbers and when they rolled the dice, they had to move forward or backward to try to collect all the pieces.  I wasn't watching them!  The other game is tic, tac, toe where they have to use their strategy to block the other player.

Since I have 22 kids and I put them in groups of 2, I have 2 extra kids!  So they go to the computer after they do some activity with me.


  1. I love all your hands- on activities. it's too easy to get carried away with worksheets when the same skill can be practiced in a fun way.

  2. Do you rotate these groups or do them for a certain amount of time each day... or something else? Great ideas! Thanks :)