Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Literacy tubs last week and the USA

 This tub had cards in it.  The children had to match the picture and the words to finish a puzzle.  It was great for finger manipulation and visual discrimination. 
The children picked a card and then wrote the CVC words on a snowman.  The cards all had pictures that could be spelled with 3 letters.  If they finished quickly, they turned the paper over and wrote more words on the back.
 This tub had a paper from pinterest that had out of order sentences.  The kids cut the words apart and recreated the sentence in the correct order.  Once the capital letter was first and the punctuation was last, the rest of the sentence went together easily!
This seems to be math most of the time!  We have one basket that goes along with a theme and the theme is winter books this time.  The kids roll the dice and add the dots together.  They place a snowball on the snowflake until all the snowflakes are covered up.
 We are studying all about Amercia this week and last week.  We are making another nonfiction book and I will show it when we complete it.  This is the schema chart we created about the flag which in one of our American symbols.

The kids made a page like this for each symbol to include in their book.

 This is the information about the bald eagle.
The statue of Liberty.  I am so excited about how well they can copy information now.  Their handwriting has improved so much!

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