Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Literacy tubs and the letter J

 We read and sang the nursery rhyme about Jack and Jill.  We listed some opposites of our own and then illustrated them.
Boy and girl, sunny and cloudy, sad and happy, and up and down.  They did a good job.
My favorite is hot and cold.  Most of the kids are trying to write using their kid writing skills of sounding out the words.
 These are the new tubs we are doing this week.  This is a stamp a word.  We have 3 sets of stamps sorted in ice trays so the letters are easy to find.  What a great idea, Mrs. Voss!!
 This is using play doh to form the letters.  It uses lots of muscles in the hands to form the "snake" to make the letter.  Then the kids are supposed to make a splat of play doh and use a letter stamp to press out the letter.  Kids just seem to love play doh!
This is the first time these pattern cores have been in a station for independent work.  We usually do these whole class.  It seemed to go ok today but no one at this table finished the page.
This is another paper where the kids look at the picture and stretch out the sounds to spell the word.  I created this template!

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