Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Construction Workers and new literacy tubs

 This is the tree map on our construction workers.  We brainstormed ideas and then they copied me as I wrote their ideas.
We used the tree map to create a 4 sentence paragraph about construction workers and then added that to our construction man.  Girls can be construction workers too!
 This is one of the new literacy tubs for this week.  I was so excited to see them do so well.  There are six children at each table and everyone at this table did a great job of creating the CVC words.  They did not want to share the letters to make other words so we have to work on that!
 This one was a great idea but very hard to implement.  The kids had to choose one word with a capital and one word with a period and one word with a picture and no period!  And then one more word!  Whew!  Even the instructions were hard!  I will probably have to sit at this table to help them create a sentence and then write it and illustrate it.
 This tub was matching pictures to a letter card that had the same beginning sound.
This tub matched upper case and lower case because yes after 116 days of school, I still have some children who do not know their letters!

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