Thursday, February 16, 2012

Math Stations BUILD

 I have 10 tubs for BUILD and one extra place on the computer because I have 22 kiddos!  Tub One is books about math.  I try to put a collection of new books in this tub when I change it out each 2 weeks.
 Using manipulatives in tub 2 is a game where the kids roll 3 dice and add all the dots together.  They cover the candy with that number on it.
 Independent work in tub 3 is a worksheet where the children count how many items there are in each ten frame and match the numeral.  It is a cut and glue activity.
 Learning and using numbers is fun.  I found a 20 sided die!  The kids roll the die and put a frog eraser on that number until all the numbers are covered.
 Doing math is a tub where the kids match the links by color and then create a line with 10 links.
This tub goes along with the unit of valentines and all the books we read.  They roll the die count out that many valentine people.  They take turns and when all the people are gone they count to see who has the most people.
 This is just a tic tac toe game using bugs and frogs.
 This is a roll the dice and create a tulip or a chick.  It is like cootie bugs.
 This is a game from Kim Adsit where a die is rolled and each child moves one way and then the other way until one child gets all the way to the end.
The child picks a domino and writes the number of dots on each side.  They add the dots together and write the number on the ladybug.
This is the computer station for that extra group!!

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