Saturday, February 25, 2012

policeman and doctor

This is the policeman we made using the tree map.  I am hoping they will be able to begin writing a sentence without help now and then on to paragraphs, reports, short stories, and novels!!  Oh, the dreams I have!
 This is the doctor bag each child created.  This one seems to be missing the q-tip and the tongue depressor! 
And this is the page with the paragraph about a doctor.  I discovered how to make the tree map on the promethean board!  I didn't get a picture this time. :(
 The letter of the week is H and we read this book.  It was so funny about a little boy who got mixed up on his dates and wore crazy hair a week early.  The real problem was that it was picture day!!
 We made our own crazy hair and it really was crazy.  Especially when it was time to go home in 30 mile an hour wind gusts!!
 My wonderful sub, Katy, made this adorable thinking chart about what goes on a hamburger.
 The kids filled out their own order form and then made a burger on a fancy plate!
This is a syllable sort with kid spelling.  They actually spelled the first two words right!  I wanted to sing out loud!!  I love the kid writing on the other words though. It shows they are using their strategies to sound out words.
 One of our sight words this week was No so of course we had to read No, David. 
 We brainstormed about when our moms told us no and this is what we could remember.  It seems most of my moms don't say no!!

We made a class book and the kids did an awesome job of drawing pictures of things that they might be told no to.

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