Thursday, February 16, 2012

Letter E and literacy tubs

 We read every Elmer the Elephant book our library had.  We made an elephant with our handprint and added the details today.  They did a great job on the background of coloring top to bottom and side-to-side.
 Literacy tubs this week included a game called melt the snowman.  One child called a sight word and the other children had to slap their hand on the snowman first.  The card was then turned over because the snowman was melted.
 This tub had small white boards and markers which they love to use.  I had picture cards that had the word on the back.  The child was supposed to try to write the word using the strategies we learned and then turn the card over to check the answer.  This is mud just in case you can't tell!
 This tub had two sets of puzzles.  One set was wooden pieces and each word had 3 parts.  The picture below is the other set in the tub and it was 3 cards.

This set is a game from teacherspayteachers.  The card says AAlbanese.  It might have been one of the free downloads.  Sorry I don't remember!  There are 4 letters and 16 cards.  The kids had to sort the cards by the beginning sound and then write the CVC words on a tree map.  It was very easy for some and not so easy for others.  It depended on if the child knew the letter sounds!

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