Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rocks, soil and water!

 We started out our exploration by looking at lots of different types of rocks.  Those hand lenses are amazing and just think if they were actually used correctly!!!
 We thought of lots of adjectives to describe our rocks.
 This is the bucket of rocks I got from attending a workshop at Region 14 one summer.  There are some real pretty rocks in this bucket!!
I sent this form home for homework.  Almost every child brought a rock back and we are going to experiment with them on Thursday.
 We watched Magic School Bus Rocks and Rolls.  It was about a statue that was eroded by the water.  We put 3 "sugar cube" rocks in a jar and we shook it for the wind.  It began to erode into sand!!

We made some addition problems with some rocks in one hand and more rocks in the other hand.  We wrote an addition sentence to match our picture.

We are starting new BUILDing Mathematicians boxes.  These are the two boxes for Books about math.  One box has several books about math and the other is a book called Changes, Changes.  I put small blocks in that tub.

The Using manipulatives tubs have a die to roll and add that many ring a jings to make a tower.  The other tub has triangles to stick together to form shapes.

Independent work is all about making patterns.  One is a potholder frame and the student makes a pattern with the loops.  The other tub is a monster stamp and an ink pad for monster patterns.  The kids choose the pattern.

Learning about numbers tubs are cookie sheets with magnetic numbers to manipulate and a 12 inch foot to measure and record things with.

Doing math is sorting and grouping and maybe making patterns with math toys or wait I mean manipulatives.  The kids are not supposed to know they are learning by play! 

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