Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Day

 This is a table where I had several games laid out with instructions.  Unfortunately, it didn't work out where the parents would choose a game and the table of 6 or 7 would play it.  There was not enough time to really explain the concept and the 2 parents were a little overwhelmed with the whole class, I think!

This is what the other 3 tables looked like before kids!  Each table chose a design and the parent at that table tried to copy it to the pumpkin.  The bowl is to put the seeds in and the circles are for counting the seeds.  Each circle is supposed to have 10 seeds then count the circles to see how many seeds there are in all.  I was lucky and got the pumpkin with the smallest number of seeds.
             We guessed what the circumference of the pumpkin was.  I think some of the kids got caught up in who could get the longest string...and didn't think about the pumpkin at all!

 I wonder if this pumpkin HATES this place as much as I do!  We guessed how much it weighed and then weighed it on the nurses scales.  I was tempted to step on but resisted the urge!

 Courtney's dad helped carve a pumpkin at one of the tables.  He is letting the kids get the guts out!  It is slimy and they loved it even though they were saying, "Ewwwww!"

 We had a great day outside and the kids got into two teams.  I put a monster eyeball (gum) in the spoon and they raced to the picnic tables and back in a relay race.  Everyone won!

These are our three pumpkins.  The parents that helped will take their pumpkin home for Halloween tonight.  I am going to cut mine up and let it decompose as we observe what it looks like.

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