Saturday, October 29, 2011


We talked a lot about monsters this last few weeks and how they were make believe.  We played monster games and used monsters in our language.  The monster pictures and stories were all cute and not scary looking.

 We sang this song about monsters.  We had to add s to the end of the word monster when there was more than one.  We also had to change he to they so it would sound right.
 We read a cute book about a monster named Rosie who had great manners (but not for a monster!)  At the end of the story, Rosie saved the day by using her manners instead of yelling and grumping so her parents realized that it is good to be nice after all.
 This was a cute book on Deanna Jump's blog.  I think I remember that it was a free download.  It tells how to treat a new friend at school...even if he looks a little different.
This is a song we sang about a friend.  It goes to Bingo.
There is a friend that we all know
and Frank is his name-o!
Then we sang the letters.  With each repetition, I covered the letters with a sticky note.  The kids got really good at clapping the pattern.

This was a lot of fun to created a Frankie.  The kids are getting really good at reading glyphs.

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