Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Pumpkin Activities.

Mrs. Voss's class created a pumpkin out of the kids individual pumpkins.  It made a wonderful, unique pumpkin patch!  The small pumpkins have the sequence of how a pumpkin grows from seed to plant.

We listed all the words we could think of that described how a pumpkin looked or felt.

 We compared pumpkins to what we knew about apples.

We reread the poem about the Five Little Pumpkins.  They remembered the words!  Then the kids created a gate with 5 little pumpkins on it.  I gave them squares and they had to count out five and round the corners to make a circle.  They created the faces and glued it all together.  We also had a copy of the poem so they could retell the story when they got home.
 We read this adorable book about a pumpkin that was different and some of the other pumpkins didn't like him.  It taught a great lesson about how to be friends with everyone.

 We made our own square pumpkins by water painting on a square.  They loved it but WHAT A MESS!
These are the ingredients for our pumpkin soup.  It cooked in the crock pot all day and smelled really good.  Most of the kids liked it and everyone tried at least one "no thank-you bite."

These are the brace maps we created taking a pumpkin from whole and labeling the pieces.

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