Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Literacy Tubs

 This was a sorting activities.  We considered it a writing activity because after all one must be able to tell the differences in letters to be able to read.  The kids could choose several different ways to sort.

 This is our book club activity.  We are going to do several color activities for review week so this will lead us to many discussions about all the colors.  And everybody loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear!

This is the fine motor skills activities.  The kids are picking up pompoms and stuffing them into small holes cut into the lid of a yogurt container.  The kids use those muscles that hold a pencil to pick up a pompom!

In this tub, the kids "rolled" the dice (notice how it is in the small box with a lid!) and put that many spider rings on their fingers.  It is played as a group game so each child took a turn until someone had 10 spider rings!!

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