Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Math Daily Five

It all started as a picture we saw on Pinterest that showed some tubs and they were labeled BUILD.  We decided we wanted to do Daily Five math.  However there is not a book to follow like the Daily Five language arts.  We discovered that a first grade teacher uses math tubs and two of our own K teachers were exploring math tubs sooooo.....this is what we came up with!
 This is how I store my games that I provide for the math stations time.  Build is repeated a second time with different games but I thought it might be confusing to put it up again.
 This is what I tell the children we are doing.  I am building them into mathematicians.
This the how we know which station we are going to.  It changes every day and after 10 days I change all the stations and we start over with new partners.

B is for books about math.  There are lots of books in each box to choose from.  This one does not take long and I am thinking of adding computer games to it to make it more fun.
U is for using manipulatives for problem solving.
 This is a measurement activity.  We measure with nonstandard units not with rulers.  They recorded their answers.
This is a game.  They roll a die and add that many pigs to a house made of straw.  The person who fills their board first is the winner.
 I is for independent work.  The kids use play doh to make the correct number of balls for each number. 

This is one where they color, cut and glue the cars in the correct order from one to ten.

L is for using numbers.  They were trying to find the correct letters to match the number words.
This one had a few different games to choose from.  They could find the missing number or put the numbers in order.

 D is for doing math.  We played a dice race where the kids rolled a die and wrote that number on the recording sheet.  The first number to the top was the winner.

This in one where they had to color and cut the shapes and put them together to make a train.
We had a lot of fun with these and the kids enjoy them without realizing they are learning math.

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  1. I love how you set up your math centers! Thanks for sharing!