Friday, November 4, 2011

Literacy tubs and BUILD math stations

 This is matching upper case to lower case ABC's and clipping them together with clothespins for our ABC tubs.
 This is writing with crayons taped to a car for a novel way to write your name.  The kids loved driving their names.

 These are games we played for our book club.  The clothes pin games have been around for a while!  Anyone recognize them?

These were two games for fine motor skills.  The kids were supposed to build according to a pattern.

 I added a new space on our BUILD where two students work with me.  I love seeing what they can do close up and personal.  It can be a real eye opener.

This is B-books about math.  The kids in one spot are "reading" books about numbers.  The other group is reading and coloring a book about shapes.

These are U-using manipulatives.  The kids had not seen these this year so they were excited about using them.  They made patterns and used their imagination to create something in the other group.

I is for independent work.  The kids sorted the little erasers in an icetray.  The other set was placing the flat marbles on the number line and counting them.

L is for learning and using numbers.  There were a couple of different games the kids could choose from.  They had to put the correct number of monsters on the number pumpkin, count the harvest vegetables and put the correct number scarecrow and put the right number hat on the monster matching the dots.

Doing Math was a bingo game that matched shapes and sorting 3 D figures.  We have not talked about 3 D figures but I wanted to see what they already know.

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