Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkeys and more turkeys

We are making long legged turkeys and the kids did a great job of fanfolding the paper! 
We came up with some ways to catch a turkey.  The kids were very creative!

Turkeys can be disguised as all kinds of things.  Mrs. Voss's class did these turkeys as a home project and they are adorable.

We graphed who would eat turkey and 3 kids chose to eat something pizza.

 We sorted words by how many syllables they had.
We also cut out the correct number of feathers to add these turkeys for the hallway.
 Mrs. Shelton's class has made a mural of Indians with lots of practice on making patterns.  We thought they knew patterns and they can say them great but when it comes to showing the patterns on paper, we were surprised that they could not reproduce them!  So Mrs. Shelton found some very creative ways to show patterns!
These are our Indian boys and the girls colored and cut girls.

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