Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spiders Everywhere!

 The kids recorded this information on a brace map.  They are reluctant writers this year!  I keep trying to think of fun ways to engage them but...we will keep on writing!
 They thought they knew a lot about spiders!  We did learn some things I did not know.  I DO NOT like spiders and when I read a book with real spiders in it, I would try to concentrate and just look at the words and NOT the pictures!!  I did love the fiction stories with all the CUTE spiders however!!
This glyph is in Deanna Jump's spider unit.  It has SO many great ideas.  Mrs. Shelton also found lots of good spider activities on teacherspayteachers.  I will take pictures of them tomorrow and add as soon as I can.

 This is a tree map where the kids recorded things about owls.  They really liked talking about nocturnal animals and the owl is a very interesting animal.
Mrs. Jordan's class created this adorable owl tree in the hall way.  She saw the idea on Pinterest and did this in her room.

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