Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nocturnal Animals

 We talked about what it meant to be a nocturnal animal.  Then we had to decide which of these animals were nocturnal and which were not.  When you lift the flap, the answer appears...yes or no.  The kids recorded the correct answer. 

 We talked about bats and then decided if we were afraid of bats or not.  The cute little bat is from google images.  We watched Magic School Bus-Going Batty.  Also the Haunted House video has a lot about how sound travels.
 We filled in our schema chart with lots of information about bats.  I learned a lot about bats this week.  I think I am still afraid of them however!!
 This is our pumpkin today on Thursday.  He is starting to wilt and has a little fuzzy stuff inside.  I told them I was going to put him in the jar below.  I sat him on top on the jar and he did not fit!  They thought that was pretty funny.  I cut him up and he all fit except for the top so now we will watch him decompose.

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