Thursday, November 17, 2011

 We are still talking about fall and harvest.  This is a scarecrow book where the children read the color words to know what color the hat, shirt, pants and boots are.  It is a good review of color words.
 This is a letter book we do every week for the letter of the week.  The children code the book by circling the beginning of the sentence in green (for go), and the end of the sentence is red (for stop).  The word for the letter of the week (this week is f) and highlighted in yellow.  They read the book and code the words.  These books are sent home in a reading folder and when they are returned, we put them in a book box.
 This scarecrow has sight words on him.  We rolled a dice and then colored the word that was showing.  It took several tries to finally get all the words.
This is our letter detective work fromKindergartenwork's Detective Read and Write the Room.  The students are sneaky, quiet detectives looking for clues and words that start with the letter of the week.  They love it.
 We made a pie graph on who likes to eat turkey.  Three students wanted pizza instead!  The kids made a small pie graph using this as an example.
 This is a graph from Mrs. Shelton's class.  She used graph club which is a program on our computer.
Mrs. Shelton's class rolled a dice and colored a turkey that color and then collected all the data to make a fantastic bar graph!
 These are the literacy tubs for my class this week.  This is a play doh activity.  The kids make a pancake and then use letter stamps to make a word.
 This is a Christmas activity.  This tub is Bingo.  It is very hard for a Kindergartener to take a turn and then wait for his or her friends to have a turn.  But when they get the concept, life will be wonderful!!
This is a visual discrimination activity.  There are four different sets to choose from.  Once they match the set, they put it back in the bag and get another set to match.

In this tub, the students select a card and put a clip on the word they think it is.  They can turn the card over to see if the clip is on the smiley face sticker.  Then they copy the word on a piece of paper.


  1. I love that your kids wanted pizza instead of turkey. Too cute! Have you ever read the book " Turkey Trouble"? It is about a turkey who dresses up as different animals trying to hide from the farmer on Thanksgiving day. In the end he settles on a pizza delivery costume and delivers the farmers family a pizza! The turkey decides it was "the best Thanksgiving yet!"

    Thought your pizza loving kids might get a kick out of the book :)

  2. Actually we did read that book! They loved it. Thanks for the comment!