Monday, December 5, 2011

 There are several men that go to church with me that collect and study rocks.  They donated a shiny tumbled rock to each child in Kindergarten to take home.  We read Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor and then gave each child a rock of his or her very own.  They were really beautiful rocks.  Thanks Roger Taylor!!
 We recorded many facts that we learned about rocks in our rock hound book.  There is a lot of information about rocks that I didn't know!

Another friend from church, Lou David Allen, came and brought us some rocks to look at and we saw how they looked with a microscope and how some are opaque!  Mr. Allen was great and the kids enjoyed listening to him.
 These are our literacy tubs from last week.  I am a little behind because of the Thanksgiving break and testing for GT and all the Santa stuff we want to do this next week.  In this tub, the child chose a nest and made the correct number of eggs for each nest using those finger muscles to pinch and roll the play doh.
 This one also required some finger manipulation as the kids roll the dice and put the correct number of ornaments on the tree.  This was in the book club basket because we have Christmas tree books in there.
 The reading tub was one where the kids matched the color word, then wrote the word and then colored the space the correct color.  This one took some time to complete and most times the kids worked on finishing it later in the day.
This is fishing for the correct letter and the kids laid them out in ABC order.
 Mrs. Claus
 Mr. Eason (a parent of 2 of our Ortiz children)
Dr. Alcorta (the nurse's husband)
These were the readers for our parent connection held Thursday night at 6:00.  They read Christmas stories and then the parents read a story to their own child.  Then it was on to the cafeteria for cookies and milk and decorating an ornament.
  We are studying reindeer this week and talking about the real facts.  I am trying to decide how to approach the red nose and flying issue.  Maybe I should just leave that part alone!
 The kids did a great job of listing the attributes on a schema chart and then we used that information to record on our tree map.
 This Grinch is very tall and Mrs. Jordan created it for us.  It hangs in the hall and we are going to add acts of kindness on hearts as we see our kids being kind.
These Santas were drawn and painted in art as Mrs. Jenkins tells the kids step by step what to draw.  She always comes out with amazing work!!

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