Saturday, April 7, 2012

Plants by Randi Morte

We studied plants this week.  We talked about what a plant needs to survive.  Food, air and water which is the same thing we need!  We are learning about the different parts of the plant now.  Randi created this learning center.  Everything goes into a basket and in the afternoon we pull it right outside the door.  She picks the children that have been awesome that day to play in the outside center.  They love it!

Imagination and dirt is a great learning tool!
 Randi made this adorable anchor chart to teach the kids what the plants need to grow.

These two photos show the children's representation of what Randi taught them.  They did great in their picture response to learning.
This is the other side of the anchor chart and it shows the parts of the plants and the purpose for those parts.

Juan and Miguel chose a sunflower seed and glued it to one side of the paper.  They created a picture that showed the soil and the grass.  The first side shows the seed and the roots growing.  The second side shows the plant; roots, stem, flower and leaf.
Mrs. Shelton had these adorable plant pots and she shared with us.  They came from Michaels and include dirt and seed packets.  We planted them and took them home that day to watch them grow!

 We did this paper in math one afternoon.  The kids had to read the number words and glue that many beans to the outline.
 This is a paper we did LA.  I showed each plant on the promethean board.  The kids colored the plant on their recording sheet the correct color.  Then they had to sound out the CVC word for the picture on each plant.  We used "offices" to help with no copying!  Most of the kids are able to sound out the words with confidence. Then we came to the rug with our paper and a crayon and we sounded them out together and wrote the correct spelling so that those that had trouble could have a little extra practice.
 This little girl was sitting across the room but I wanted to show the kids show a ZOOM lens works on a camera.  We are studying the letter Z this week.
We also had zuchinni bread for letter Z.  This was also to show that vegetables (plants) can be used to make something sweet.  We ate carrot cake cupcakes too but we ate them all before I got a picture.

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