Thursday, April 19, 2012

Literacy tubs and letter Q

 The tubs this week were a little easier for the kids to manage on their own.  This was almost like last weeks with the only change being the letters were lower case.  The kids turned the cards over and found the matching letter on the sheet and colored it.
 This was great fun because the kids got to stamp their own name and then the name of their friends.
 This was a book about having a hole in your smile.  Lots of kids in my class have a big hole in their smile and the tooth fairy must be exhausted!
 This is Miss Morte helping the table with CVC word cards.
In this game, the students had to draw a card.  If they could read the word, they kept the card.  If they did not know the word they could ask a friend.  Some of the cards said skip a turn and some said take a card from a friend.  Miss Morte had to referee the game before it got out of hand!!
 This is the adorable giraffe the class made with a 18" tongue.
 This is the zebra.  We also recorded facts on a bubble map and we are collecting pages about each animal to make a book for each student.
 This is a copy of Elmer the elephant from Mrs. Voss' class.  Isn't it adorable?
 These are from Miss Alkire's class.  I know the kids had fun making these!!
 This monkey is from Mrs. Jordan's class.  Her daughter painted the plates ahead of time and the kids created the monkey from the cut pieces.
We are studying letter Q this week and I found this cute idea on Pinterest.  The kids thought it was great fun to make this.  Mrs. Voss found some adorable QU stories and songs on YouTube and Promethean Planet.

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