Monday, April 23, 2012


 This is the Books about math.  The kids like this tub.  There is no pressure to do anything except look at books.
 This tub has three dimensional shapes and cards of things in the world that are 3D.  The kids try to match them up.
 This is Independent work and the children roll a dice and write the next three numbers.  This has been a hard concept for them.  It is especiallly hard if they are asked to provide the numbers before a certain number!
 This tub had a game in it to work with numbers.  The cards had teen numbers.  The game is played like war.  The kids dealt the cards and turned over one at a time.  The highest number was the winner and got to keep both cards.
 Doing math this time had a paper the kids had to count the objects and write the correct number.
 This was another book box.  It had a book that the children read and colored.  It was about a watermelon that was divided half and fourth.
 Using manipulatives included a set of dice and a recording sheet.  The kids rolled the dice and added the dots together.  They found that number and colored it with a color pencil.
 This independent work included dice also.  The kids rolled the dice and traced that number on the paper.  The first number to have all traced was the winner.
 Learning numbers was popcorn numbers from 1-25.  The kids had to complete the chart.
Doing math in this tub required the child to look at the numbers and determine which was smaller and which was larger.  The largest number was colored red and the smallest number was colored blue.  It was graph review as well!

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