Wednesday, April 25, 2012

After the zoo trip

 Mrs. Voss' smarties made a pop-up book with their favorite animal inside.  I LOVE the spelling!

We made lions for our zoo.  This animals were made from precut paper (by Miss Morte) and the kids put them together.   The patterns are from Mrs. Larramore.  I have lots of information from her blog, Chalktalk.
 This is a gorilla head.  It turned out so cute!
 This is a research paper done by Mrs. Shelton's class.  They recorded facts they learned about zebras.
 This research was done by Mrs. Voss' class.  It compares what was learned about zebras and giraffes.  The Venn diagram words are from Mrs. Jumps unit on teacherspayteachers. 
We made Elmer the elephant is my class today and Miss Morte had the kids write a list poem about elephants.

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