Friday, May 4, 2012

Rain Forest

 This is my very favorite unit.  There are so many cute things to make and ideas to talk about it.  The rainforest gives us so chocolate!  Oh, and of course oxygen!!

Saw this cute post on Pinterest and bought the unit from Kerri Bordelon.  I love everything in it!
 We read this book and talked about patterns found in nature.  There are lots of examples in the rainforest of patterns on the animals.
 These are our torn paper alligators.  They are so cute and everyone is different.  Some were very small and some were very big!
 This is how the alligator pie turned out.  It was yummy.
These butterflies had lots of patterns and texture to them.  We glued small pieces of tissure paper to the cutouts. 
 One table got only blue paper to make the big blue morpho butterflies.
 The kids loved this story.  We saw a chameleon at the zoo last week so they could relate to this book.
 We waterpainted and they really like that!  I had two spills all turned out fine!

We are doing a tree map book from Kerri's unit as well.  The kids are enjoying the research we are doing on the animals.  We have books and PebbleGo and United Streaming.
 This is one of the books with lots of information about the rainforest animals.
 We did several work sheets (as much as I do not like them!)  This one lets the kids sort the animals by attributes.
 This work sheet makes a graph of flowers.  They had to read the color words and cut the flowers out and glue them in the correct row.

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