Saturday, May 12, 2012

 This was a great book and it was easy enough for the kids to read most of the words. We also went to Pebble Go and got lots of information about the animals from that.
These are our monkeys.  It was very interesting the way some of them came together.  Legs and arms and tails were everywhere!
 This is the map we colored showing where the tropical rainforest were found in our world.
We talked about how important it is to save the rainforest.  Lots of food and medicine come from the rainforest.  We talked about being a scientist and studying things from there.  We also talked about how fun it would be to be a photographer and take pictures of the animals there.

These next four slides show our literacy tubs for this week.  I forgot to take pictures last week!
 This was a fun exploring lesson.  I had 12 animals pictures posted around the room.  The kids had a recording sheet and a clipboard.  They had to explore the room and find the hidden animals and write the animal names on the sheet.
 In this game, the kids took turns spinning a spinner and putting a tally mark at the top part.  When time was called, they had to create a bar graph with their information.
 This tub had lots of words that the kids could practice copying in their journals.
This tub was fun.  The kids picked a card and copied the sentence on their journal.  They got to be the editor as there was no capital at the beginning of the sentence and no punctuation at the end!  These all came from Kelli Bordelon's unit.

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