Saturday, April 7, 2012

literacy and math tower games

 The game above was an ABC order game.  It was hard for us but I wanted to introduce it to them because in First grade they do ABC order.  We tried to sort them by first letter first.  Then I showed them how sometimes we have to use the second letter to decide what comes first.
 This sheet was in the same tub as the ABC order.  The kids just had to record the last sound.
 In this tub, each child got a baggie with a dry erase marker, abc cards (from saxon phonics), and 6 cards with CVC words.  They were to pick a card, read the word, build the word, and then write the word.
 The children had to build a sentence and then record it in their journals.
In this tub, the kids had to lay out all the jars with pictures on them.  Then each child got 3 bears with CVC words.  They had to decode the word and place it on the correct picture.

BUILD (math tubs)
Books About Math
 The picture above and below and the two book boxes. 
Using Manipulatives
 In the game above, the kids rolled the dice and counted the dots.  They put that many "ants" on the pants.  They recorded the two dice on the page in the book.  After 3 rolls, they counted all the ants and used the spinner to see if the one with the most or least ants was the winner.  Thanks, Deanna Jump!
In the game below, they took a bag of colored animals and colored the dot that color.  They counted the animals in the bag and circled the correct teen number.
 Independent work

 In the game above, the children would roll a dice and move any of the characters toward the top.  The object was to get all the ants to the top on an exact roll.  Thanks, Kim Adsit.
In the game below, the kids rolled the dice, record the two numbers and then add the dots and record the answer.

Learning and Using Numbers
 The kids would roll the dice and add the two together, then take an animal to cover the number in the barn.  They had to get all their animals in the barn before their friend did.
The game below was like many we have played.  I love Kim Adsit for these games.  They are the same concept but the characters are changed.  It keeps the game interesting without having to reteach a new game every time!  The kids roll the dice and move that many spaces toward their end until someone reaches the end making them the winner.

 Doing math
 This top tub was VERY HARD.  Next year, I am going to start very early doing numbers before and after the quoted number.  The kids were supposed to write the number on the sheep and then record the number before and after that number.  ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...but we will practice this some more.
The tub below was matching the addition statement to the correct number on the monkey.  Our color printer was out of ink for awhile so they are in black and white.  :( 

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