Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Plants

 We did lots of plant activities this week.  Miss Morte did a great job of teaching the children all about what plants need and how they grow.  I was testing for report cards and I did not get a lot of pictures.  Wish I could recreate everything they did!  Miss Morte talked about how a coconut is a seed that grows into a tree.  This led to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom of course!  The kids cut the circles and glued them to the tree mostly in ABC order!
 This is one of the recording sheets from Deanna Jump's plant package.  I have an entire shelf devoted to her and Kim Adsit on my bookcase.  I love their stuff and you are missing out if you have never used any of it!
 I found an adorable literacy and math unit on Pinterest for a free download so of course I printed and laminated it all and put these in my literacy stations.  This next week you will see the math ones in my BUILD tower!  On this tub, the kids looked at the pictures and had to clip the correct letter sound at the beginning.  The picture below is a recording sheet they did independently after the game.

 This game involved sorting words onto 6 different gardens with the same ending sound.  Even if they could not read the words, they could match the letters at the end of the words.  There was a sheet to record at least 3 words under each family of letters.  This was not easy unless Miss Morte or myself stayed right with them talking about the strategy to use. 
 This game involved turning over the umbrellas and finding that letter on the recording sheet.  They then colored the matching rain drop.  This one was easy to do by themselves.  There was a "little" cheating from ones that figured out to just color every rain drop!!!
 The principle behind this game was to take a hat, a raincoat, and a pair of boots and make a sentence.  As you can see that did not always make sense.  The kids had to be able to read the words and determine if it was a sentence before they copied it.  For the ones that can read, it was great fun but for the ones who are not there yet...frustration...for them and for ME!

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