Saturday, March 31, 2012

V and Literacy tubs

 As a district, next year we are going to be required to do vocabulary like this so I have practiced all year with my class.  Our word was adjective this week.  We did this together and then they copied to their vocabulary journal.
Vegetable starts with V and we colored and sorted these vegetables by what we liked and did not like.  Most of the kids liked them all!  I don't know if they really did or if they were showing off!
 This was a mini lesson on the teen numbers.  It is such a hard concept for them to grasp.  But I have 38 more days to explore ways to open that door!
 This was a mini phonics lesson on ending word families.  Each child got 2 pies and we had to feed them to the correct pig by looking at the ending.  Then we read the words and talked about how they all rhymed.
 This is a game where the children took turns hiding the sheep behind a barn with sight words on it.  The other children would then guess where the sheep was hiding by saying the sight word.

Literacy Tubs
 This tub was for those finger muscles and the children had to lace and unlace the shoes and practice tying.
 This is a sight word game.  The children would pull out a card and try to read the word.  If they could read it, they kept the card.  If they could not read it, they lost the card and the next child picked a card.  If they pulled out the card that said fire, they lost all their cards.  It is so helpful to have a student teacher with games like this.
 This game was syllable count.  I had the kids count the syllables and circle the correct number.  THEN they got the hole punch and punched that number out.  Note to self-little hands have to struggle with a hole punch.
This last tub had sets of letters and cards.  The child picked a bag and found the two letter cards in it.  They sorted the pictures by beginning sounds.

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