Friday, March 23, 2012

Letter W and Farm

This is one of the games in the literacy tubs this week.  The kids had to look at the mouse cards and then sort the words on the hearts on to the correct mouse.  I had an extra helper this week and it was very helpful with this tub.
 This was a word game.  The kids had to pick a sight word out.  If they could read it, they got to keep the card.  If they drew a card with a cheese, they got an extra turn.  If they drew a cat, they lost all their cards.  My student teacher, Miss Morte, was a great help with this game.  I found both of these games on teacherspayteachers free downloads. 
 I created these games!  I love all of Mrs. Lee's games from her blog and decided to try my own.  It took me a long time but I love them.  The kids had to pick a pig with a picture on it.  They would color the pig on the answer sheet so I knew which pig they were looking at.  They had to sound out the CVC words.  It was a lot of fun.  I did sit with this group but I am hoping they will become independent on this game by the end of the year!!
 This was a farm book.  The kids had to color the pages and read the book. 
We watched the clip from YouTube of Where the Wild Things Are.  We listed as many adjectives as we could think of to describe the wild things and then created one of our own.  Deanna Jump has a great unit on teacherspayteachers about this book.
We still sing the frog street press songs for our letter of the week.  This week was Wanda and Willie Walrus.  We made a mask and planned a big wedding.  All six classes stood in the hall and pledged to be great friends forever and to respect each other and be kind. 
 We had a feast of watermelon and we had ring pops and bubbles to end our celebration!
 We read the story of Mrs. Wishy Washy.  The kids loved this story.  I had a small tub and three animals which I put in a center so they could retell the story later. This was for W and farm!  Love it when it works out that way!!
 This is another syllable sort from Mrs. Voss.  The kids are so good at counting the syllables.  Then we try to spell each section.  I let them tell me what sound they hear and I write on one under the elmo.  I don't correct them at this point.  I am trying to give them the power to write freely and not be afraid of spelling something wrong.  I call this "kid writing"!!
Deanna Jump's farm unit is amazing.  We are creating a book about the farm animals.  We record what we know about the animals on a tree map and then use that data to write a paragraph.  The book will have 5 animals and include a table of contents.  Love this idea!!
 This book is precious.  We read as many books as we can squeeze in but this was one of my favorites along with the Little Red Hen.
 We read Rosie's Walk and then recorded all the words the author used to show Rosie's movement in the story.

 We pretended this bag was our barn and we drew a picture of ourselves as a farmer on the front.  We sang the EIEIO song as we put the animals in the barn. 

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