Thursday, March 8, 2012

Letter U and Insects

 We decided to crowd in one week of insects before Spring Break and I used all of Deanna Jump's adorable unit.  You can buy one on teacherspayteachers.  You will not be sorry!  We made a schema chart first to determine what we thought we already knew about fireflies. 
We created these fireflies from construction paper.  I had the pieces precut and the kids just rounded the corners and glued together as we went step by step.  It was very time consuming to cut the pieces for 4 insects for 23 students but I love the ending product.
We also made a book because we are entomologists now!  We made a cover, a table of contents and a page about each insect.  This is my chart but each child has his or her own book with the recorded facts.
I learned something new about each insect.  I also have a child that has incredible knowledge about all animals and he told us a lot of facts.  Thanks, Jacob!
 This is the butterfly chart with the information.
 This is our "flock" of butterflies.
Praying Mantis was the most fun to make.
Mrs. Voss made grouchy ladybugs and each child had to make themselves make a grouchy face.  HILARIOUS!!

We made a dragonfly which was the easiest because it was circle glued in an AB pattern! 
 We read the book Underwear and Aliens Love Underpants.  The children laugh every time they hear the word underwear.
 We each designed a pair of boxer and hung them in the hall for everyone to see and enjoy!
 This is creation of an underground scene.  I saw this on pinterest and it took me to a website called brilliant beginnings preschool.  They have some really cute things and I will probably use some of it for letter work!
This is a picture of Mrs. Voss's class with a hat like the Cat in the Hat.  They recorded words that are in the "at" family.
 Mrs. Voss' class also enjoyed eating green eggs and ham!


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