Thursday, March 8, 2012

Texas Symbols

 This is one of my favorite books about Texas traditions!  It is a play off of Little Red Riding Hood.  Little Red and her grandma are tough and they become the heroes in the story!
 We looked at these fancy boots and talked about who had some just like these!  Then we decorated a pair of boots to create a picture of us.
 This one has a mustache!  I L.O.V.E it!!!
This one has cute little flowers on her boots.
 This is a poster I have of beautiful Texas wild flowers.  Of course, West Texas does not really look like this!
 We are going to make bluebonnets, our Texas state flower.

Oil is a big product in Texas so we colored a picture of Spindletop and then painted black oil on it.
This is a really cute representation of how big our community grows.  I showed the kids on Google Earth how the Earth looks from outer space.  We kept zooming in until we found the USA and then Texas.  We narrowed it down to Abilene and even saw Ortiz on the screen.  Mrs. Jordan found this idea on pinterest and she shared with us.

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