Saturday, March 31, 2012

Farm Unit and May Farm field trip

I always try to introduce everything I do with a book.  I have a wide collection of personal books and I can usually find everything I want.  I did not take as many pictures this week.  We have STAAR testing as many schools in Texas did and we left the campus as much as possible.  It is very hard to keep 130 kindergarten students quiet!!  I took lots of pictures of the kids but I try very hard not to put their faces on the blog!
We read this adorable book about a horse that didn't have a friend.  It was a great opportunity to talk about being friends with everyone.
 This is the page we created for our nonfiction book about farm animals.  It includes three facts about horses.

This is the page for the sheep with three facts as well.  I read Charlie Needs a Cloak and we talked about wool and that it was very warm.
We also made a page for a pig and a cow.  I did not get a picture somehow and they have gone home!  :(  We watched how to make ice cream on You Tube and then we ate ice cream!  It was great!
These are the shirts we painted to wear to the May Farm.  Each child will bring 3 shirts and we paint them to wear for various times of year.  Miss Morte and I drew the pig outline and the kids painted the pink part.  We added a black oval when it was dry and the kids added two black eyes and two black nostrils.  They were adorable.  Each of the 6 classes chose a different animal so we could tell by looking at the shirt where that child was SUPPOSED to be!
 We went to May Farm in Hawley.  Brenda May has invited most of the children in this area to her place at one time or another.  She takes rescue animals and has created a petting zoo.  There is a fee for each child which helps pay for food for the animals.
 This is Mrs. May holding a 10 day old lamb that was born blind.  They are going to try to train it to follow another lamb with a bell on it.  It was sooooo cute!
This is another baby lamb that had the run of the place.  We caught it several times on the picnic bench checking out our lunches!

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