Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 6th through September 9th

This is a 4 day week and I think EVERYONE enjoyed having an extra day to rest.  I suspect some teachers also used this day to catch up in their classrooms! 
We are going to continue to review the alphabet as we learn about our new kiddos.  They seem to know a lot of letters and sounds already.  Thanks to you, parents and Pre-K!! 
We are beginning a unit titled All About Me.  We will be talking about taking care of our bodies and choosing healthy foods.  We will learn about our 5 senses.  We will celebrate who we are!
This first six weeks is spent learning about the numbers 1-5 for math.  There are a lot of songs and books and games to play to teach our kinders these numbers!
Our new teacher, Mrs. Shelton, is getting used to us and she is excited about being at Ortiz.  We all have about 22 children now and they are getting in the routine of school and learning what it means to be a ROCK STAR Allstar!
We hope to have lots of pictures to share as the week goes by so be sure to check back!

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