Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday At Last!!!

This has been a very long week!  I was out one day for a committee meeting and had to prepare for a sub.  Anyone who teaches Kindergarten knows that is a very long process.  The kinders missed me and I missed them.  We had health day and IStation testing and RIF day!!  So it was pretty crazy around here.

 We finished the Freedom week by coloring pictures to send to James Bush, the soldier we have "adopted".  He is stationed in Iraq.  We talked about why we write and decided we were writing to James to communicate our concern for him.  We talked about the constitution and how everyone has rules to follow, even grown-ups.

We did lots of blending colors with playdoh and food color.  We did a scientific experiment with playdoh.  Thanks Deanna Jump for this great idea and the monster book!
We sang songs about squares and the color orange.  We did activities with things beginning with M.  
We talked about monster behavior...especially when a sub is there!  We watched a darling promethean lesson titled "Who Me?" about a monster that came to school and acted bad.  The teacher told him to leave and he promised to learn the rules and behave.  We don't want to have monster behavior in our class! 

Thanks to someone for this adorable monster behavior poster.  I think it was on firstgradeparade.

Mrs. Voss' class has been making bodies!  They have added leg bones and they learned how to take care of their lungs and their hearts.  These hang in the hall and look so cute!  They also listened to their hearts with a stethoscope. 

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