Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12th-September 16th

These are face cookies from Mrs. Voss' class.  The kids were worried about having to eat their face but they really enjoyed it when they made these!!

This is a bus pocket chart that has the character from Frog Street Press "driving" the bus.  It puts the character with each of the 5 vowels so by the end of the letter of the week we have sung this song 21 weeks!!
We are hoping for fall weather soon.  It has been so hot and dry here in West Texas.  This week is the West Texas Fair week so some of our kinders are out late at the fair.  We have lots of fun things planned this week.  It is Freedom Week and we are talking about the flags of Texas and the USA.  We are celebrating the Constitution of the USA and trying to explain what it is to our 5 year olds!  We are continuing our study of all about me.  Soon child size bodies will appear in the hall and pictures of the brand new (again!) food pyramid will be displayed.  We want our kiddos to make wise choices about their bodies and we want to teach them how to keep them healthy!  We still play lots of songs and games that count to 5 and are learning to write those numbers.  We are starting our letter of the week and we begin with M.  I am going to try to download our song about Marvin the Monkey.  Ethan is singing it and he is adorable.
We are making a vocabulary book this year.  AISD is really pushing for a vocabulary program to be used across the district.  This is what we are using this year.  It is from Kim Adsit's Literacy Vocabulary Book on Teacherspayteachers.  The word is famous.  When I asked who was famous they gave me names like Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana, Usher and Lady Gaga!  They did know who Obama was but not George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.  I guess that was before their time!

These are the 4 new tubs I got for this week!  I love how this is working and the kids love playing with the baskets every week.  It is exciting to see new things to play and they are simple enough that even the kids with not as much experience can feel successful!

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  1. Great job, Glenda!! Almost makes me wish I were a lower grade teacher....just almost. But you have inspired me to get back on my blog! This is awesome.