Friday, September 30, 2011

Can't Believe It is October!!!!

We read poetry this week.  To make a text-to-self connection, we drew pictures of when we went on a picnic with family and friends.  There was a lot of discussion about the fun that was had!

We review all the information we have learned about 5 senses.  The children then labeled their own bodies with the 5 senses.  They had some trouble with the words but I had examples and I told them what the word was and they went to their chair and labeled their own picture.

We read Alligator Baby by Robert Munsch.  He is one of my favorite authors!  We made an alligator baby using torn paper.  They were very resistant at first but really got into the art once they saw how adorable the alligators were.  I did let them cut triangles for teeth!

We watched a YouTube story about Johnny Appleseed and sang Happy Birthday to him.  We watched a video about how apple trees grow from seed to fruit.  The kids colored a story page then we made and ate this apple tree.  Yummy!!

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