Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Five Senses

We have been talking a lot about the 5 senses.  Mrs. Jordan found an adorable potato head pattern to make and label the senses on.  Mrs. Voss's kids sorted by how things feel. 

I wanted to share some pictures of the kindergarten classrooms with you.  Mrs. Alkire uses a bed as a reading center and the children love it.
Mrs. Shelton is showing those colors of the rainbow as they mixed food color and water!

This was a home project where the parents created a "doll" to resemble their child.  They also gave us 5 adjectives about their child and we made list poems to give back to each parent.

We had two words today because they go together.  The kids did a great job of illustrating alike and different.  We have some real artists in Kindergarten.

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