Sunday, September 1, 2013

Has anyone seen our gingerbread man?

 We colored our boys and girls then cut them out to create a graph.  We have more girls in our class than boys.  We learned to use kindertools like scissors and crayons.
 We used glue in this activity.  We learned to color first, then cut, and then create a gingerbread man puzzle.
 When we went to get our gingerbread man from the cafeteria, he had run away!  We made a lost and found poster to hang in the hallway.
 After touring the entire school all week, Ginger was found hiding in the principal's office.  Mrs. Fulkerson told us all about how she captured him!

 We used gingerbread playdoh to create our own gingerbread man and then we got to take a small bag home with us!
 We did a science experiment of what would happen to the gingerbread man if he jumped in the river.  Not a pretty sight!!
This is all that is left of our gingerbread man.  I wonder what we will do next week!!

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